NOSTRO - VOSTRO Reconciliation - StarNOSTRO

StarNOSTRO is a web based comprehensive N-ways Reconciliation system, it seeks data from the Bank Treasury ledger entries and matches the same with the corresponding NOSTRO/VOSTRO Statement file coming from NOSTRO/VOSTRO Banks. Thus, the reconciliation is done between one source of data coming from the Bank Treasury system and the other coming from SWIFT Remittance.

Product Highlights :

  • Using AES algorithm for Security.
  • Three Types of Matching algorithm used - Automatic, Intelligent and Manual match [One - One, One - Many, Many - One, Many – Many comparison].
  • Maintain and calculate fees/commission, tax etc.
  • Email chaser for follow up the transaction status based on hierarchy level configuration.
  • User level authentication to access the specific bank.
  • Automation [scheduler] and manual data processing.
  • Maker and checker validation on each step process.
  • Complete Audit trail based.
  • Robust Matching Engine with versatility for defining matching options.
  • Reports can be filtered and generated based on almost all the entities/factors/ Scenarios.
  • Very Flexible interface for Data Download & Upload based on the source data from external entities.
  • Highly parameterized, operational & decision-making system to support the fast changing requirements of the bank.
  • Allows manual entry from statements where electronic transaction data is Missing/unavailable.


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