StarCAS - Control Access System for EFT Switch

StarCAS is a Control Access System for EFT switch, having the capability to ‘Control & Monitor’ the delivery channels like ATM, POS, Kiosk etc. and generate various relevant reports for Decision Support System.

Product Highlights :

  • StarCAS a browser based front end application, integrated with EFT payment switch
  • StarCAS has richness of 'client-server' architecture with oracle as the back-end.
  • The StarCAS has a flexible user management with powerful user authentication module.
  • StarCAS is completely deployed on latest open source technology.
  • Look & Feel of the devices, which are monitored and controlled.
  • Monitoring of connectivity and interchange.
  • Configuration module to add/modify ATM, BIN, FIT etc.
  • Admin card/Supervisor Card for ATM cash load.
  • Call center for card block /warm card/lost card/activate the card from previous state.
  • ATM Service follow-up ticket center.
  • Switch file generation for Reconciliation.
  • Dynamic reporting tool.

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